Russia 2013 The Full Story

Was hoping to be able to post more while traveling but limited internet and not enough time made it hard.

Did two quick posts earlier but this will be the full story about Russia and getting there and out, we also traveled some in Norway but that will be another post.

First I will introduce . . . → Read More: Russia 2013 The Full Story

Russia 2013 To Kandalaksha

Only a quick update on our travels in Russia, little time to sit by the computer so a full report will be once we are back home again.

All the bikes packed and we have meet up and ready to leave:

In finland we passed the Artic Circle with a big Santa and Gift . . . → Read More: Russia 2013 To Kandalaksha

Preparations for Russia 2013

So its now final we have the visas for visiting Russia.

Preparations are well on their way.

Was able to get some gravel riding with some friends during the week …riding is preparation also =)

Regarding the bike I had the issue with crankcase ventilation and had replaced the balancer shaft seal but kept . . . → Read More: Preparations for Russia 2013

Mittcupen Enduro Umeå May 25th 2013

Still having sinus issues so my riding is limited but did go with some friends down to Umeå, they were attending a race that is part of Mittcupen, an Enduro series.

My role was supporter / spectator and also camera guy.

The layout of the stages:

Albin was racing in the junior class and . . . → Read More: Mittcupen Enduro Umeå May 25th 2013

Slow start to the 2013 motorcycle season

So after looking over last summers oil leak and having the entire engine out of the frame for the first time changing the front cylinder base gasket and adding the monster 320mm Pyndon Suspension.

Its getting time to get her out of the garage, also did some other maintenance with oil change and installing a . . . → Read More: Slow start to the 2013 motorcycle season

Road back home

So after visiting my friend it was time to head back home.

Made it home but brought a cold with me so feel a little under the weather!

First day getting home I spent on smaller tarmac roads still not much interesting happening, passing by this police force going through a stopped car, notice the . . . → Read More: Road back home

Heading south to visit a friend Day 2 and 3

Day 2

Have had some requests for the GPS Track from this and it can be downloaded, called 2012 Skellefteå till Linköping.

Started day day with some slab to cover some distance and when fueling up overfilled the fuel, great start:

Some areas are beautiful:

Mixed in some unpaved but good roads and . . . → Read More: Heading south to visit a friend Day 2 and 3

Heading south to visit a friend Day 1

Since I at some weak moment in the spring promised to work the entire normal Swedish vacation I now have some time off work so going to head south to visit a friend that moved there.

First day I did not need to cover that many kilometers since first night will be spent at the . . . → Read More: Heading south to visit a friend Day 1

Local riding end of July 2012

So have been able to do some riding even if its only been shorter local rides it sure has been plenty fun!

Had some help through Facebook after some pictures from our bomb shelter ride were posted about an old road between Bastuträsk and Norsjö.

Had a request for the more detailed route of the . . . → Read More: Local riding end of July 2012

Checking out old bomb shelter

So a group of 6 brave motorcyclists set out on a quest to check out and old bomb shelter made to accommodate train carts carrying artillery.

Have put together a video from the riding:

First real break was after this wrong turn taking us to a dead end:

Not everyone of the group . . . → Read More: Checking out old bomb shelter