Season Cut Short

If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I had my riding season cut short after a high speed crash with a moose:

Moose crash


Have wanted to do a post about it but not gotten around to doing it.

Still recovering from my injuries the left shoulder is still not 100% but gets better and better.

So looked into option about doing something fun this winter instead, looked at snowmobiles (have friends that ride) but I myself prefer motorcycles.

So started looking for motorcycles in the US, found a 950 near relatives north of Denver, almost bought that but was convinced by friends in Phoenix that it was better to have  a US bike stationed further south with all year riding so ended up with a 990:



So will be going there now in November. Rough plan is to do at least parts of the AZBDR for that section I have promised to write any ride report for my friends webpage DirtyMotorcycleAdventures.

Have also signed up for a motorcycle event in Pahrump Nevada the weekend before I fly back to Sweden.

Will try to do a few posts on the Facebook page when I have Wi-Fi.

Only bringing my phone for this so little video but will try to take lots of pictures at least.

Full writeup on the moose crash will be later this winter.

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