Season Cut Short

If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I had my riding season cut short after a high speed crash with a moose:


Have wanted to do a post about it but not gotten around to doing it.

Still recovering from my injuries the left shoulder is still not 100% but . . . → Read More: Season Cut Short

Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Have read about this guest book on a Swedish Off-road forum.

It was placed out by an enthusiast that wanted to find the northern most point you can access with motorcycle in Sweden without going through another country.

Would like to start with introducing the group, picture taken before heading for the guest book:

Me, . . . → Read More: Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Rear Shock Vacuum Bleeder

So after learning how to go over the forks I plan on doing my own shock maintenance in the future also.

And to do it right a vacuum bleeder is the way to go.

Decided to build my own, had I found this solution before ordering parts I would probably gone that route.

Had already . . . → Read More: Rear Shock Vacuum Bleeder

Breaking in the 990R

Only had around 80 km on the new bike that was purchased last autumn when heading south on a street oriented trip so took the old 950.

Going to some gravel meeting in Boden, Sweden this weekend so needed to get the 990R ready for a service so did two rides to get some mileage . . . → Read More: Breaking in the 990R

Back Home After Switzerland 2014

Made a stop in Frankfurt Germany to visit a friend and another stop in Linköping Sweden at another friend I am now back home after Switzerland.

Have finally gotten around to finish another clip from last autumns trip to Russia:

Will have to work this week and my fathers 950 is in need of . . . → Read More: Back Home After Switzerland 2014

Spring 2013

As usual I start the spring with some flu or cold, coughing and a sore throat =(

As you know I ended up buying a brand new 2011 KTM 990R Adventure last autumn.

And it sure looked good:

So during the winter it was looked over and lots of parts changed and upgrades I . . . → Read More: Spring 2013

Dr Bean Fuel Pump Mod

A 2005 KTM 950 Adventure was recently purchased and while looking it over a bit more closely then during the exam before purchase it was found that the points on the fuel pump was quite badly worn.

A well known problem and there are several cures for it but since points were so unevenly worn . . . → Read More: Dr Bean Fuel Pump Mod

Honda XR 400 Engine Assembly

Covered the disassembly in a previous post.

Had a few minor problems that I covered earlier.

After cleaning up all the parts, ran them through the “parts washer”:

Forgot to add this seal that sits behind one of the bearings in the engine case so had to pop that bearing out, was easy since . . . → Read More: Honda XR 400 Engine Assembly

Charity 2013

As I had written on my webpage I have put aside some money from spare parts I sold off during 2013 and here is the full list of what I sold:

Item Sell price SEK Amount to charity SEK

VIO POV 1.5 601 300 Disc brake lock 300 150 Sale of H4 male 82 10 . . . → Read More: Charity 2013

Honda XR 400 Engine Failure Dissasembly

So a little before leaving for Russia I had to go pick up my dad since the XR 400 had died on him.

Since there was no compression the engine needed to come out, took plenty of pictures to be able to get it back together, especially on the electrical connectors and cable routing:

. . . → Read More: Honda XR 400 Engine Failure Dissasembly