KTM 950 Adventure

My main bike, have loved it since the day I bought it.

It was the autumn of 2006 I purchased this one down 800 kms away in Stockholm, since it had started snowing up north I also ended up buying a car and renting a oneway trailer to get it home since I flew down to look at bikes.

Have since used and abused it, modified it to suit my needs.


Touratech Skidplate
SW-Motech Crashbars
KTM Luggage rack
Sidestand relocator
Vagabond lights bracket and wiring harness
Xvision Solopod LED ligths
CJ Clear Clutch cover
CJ beefed up Clutch basket
Hammerhead Shift Lever


Heated grips
2-1 Exhaust system
Homebuilt aluminum rear tank
HID upgrade
Pyndon prefilter (had a Unifilter prefilter before that)


Besides normal maintenance
Well the beefed up clutch basket since the stock one was showing some wear.
Changed the cam chains and oil pressure piston and spring at just under 50 000 kms
Fork seal change