Honda XR400

This was mainly bought as a backup machine when the big KTM was not usable for some reason and to be possible to lend out to friends and family (my dad uses it as if it was his own).

Honda XR400

Cause of that I wanted a machine that required little maintenance looked at either an XR400 or a DRZ400 but this came up for sale at a reasonable price and not that far away from home and it was fully street legal, most of the XR400 are only enduro registered and have some limitations to their street use and can be trouble with ensuring it.

It had some engine work recently done by previous owner so hopefully there will be little needed to do on it other then an oil change here and there, since its air cooled there is no problem with any water pump or coolant.

When the street legalization was done it was some added switch for the indicators that was hard to reach so another switch cluster was installed.

My dad also complained about the small fuel tank so I said that if he paid sure we could install a bigger fuel tank.