Slow start to the 2013 motorcycle season

So after looking over last summers oil leak and having the entire engine out of the frame for the first time changing the front cylinder base gasket and adding the monster 320mm Pyndon Suspension.

Its getting time to get her out of the garage, also did some other maintenance with oil change and installing a CJ Design oil drain hose.

The plate covering the battery box need to be cut some to make room for the drain hose, started with a cutting disc on the variable speed rotary tool and then a sanding tool to make a smooth opening to accommodate the added drain hose:

Dremel to grind up for CJ drain hose

Since there was some gunk in the carbs when looking them over I decided to evacuate the crankcase went hose for now in an external catch bottle to see if it spits out any oil that way, so capped of the hole in the air box with a cap from a pen and some duct tape, had moved it some to make room for the Pyndon pre filter solution earlier:

Plugged crank case intake

Was to tight to get the tank in place with the plastic shroud that directs air from the fan, and to much work to unbolt it (and know I have a spare for some reason) so drilled a few holes and cut off some to make room for the hose for now:

Breather hose

On the backside of the bottle I cut open a hole and taped some filter material so it is not fully sealed and would cause any excess pressure to build up, so will run with this setup for a while and see if anything seems to evacuate through the crankcase breather:

Breather hose catch bottle

Taken it to work once:

Looking good

Have some sinus issues that are persistent and keeping me for riding the bike as I want really need to get well soon so I can start using the motorcycle a lot more and start testing out the new suspension .

Been out with the small excavator cleaning some ditches and taking the bike to and from that work:


Once done my dad had taken the smaller XR400 there so we loaded it up on the truck to bring everything back home:

XR400 Loaded

A better picture of the crankcase breather catch bottle:

Crankcase catch bottle

Have not even used up a full tank of gas and there sure is some gunk in the bottle:

Some oil in it

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