Local riding end of July 2012

So have been able to do some riding even if its only been shorter local rides it sure has been plenty fun!

Had some help through Facebook after some pictures from our bomb shelter ride were posted about an old road between Bastuträsk and Norsjö.

Had a request for the more detailed route of the roads between Bastuträsk and Norsjö so here is a GPX file available.

So we went out to try and find it and if we found the correct road Im not entirely sure but we had a lot of fun and it was a great area to ride in so Im sure we will go there again!

A real gem

Narrow bridge

Break after narrow bridge

Old dam

Day after that we went for a car show up in Lycksele, it had been activities the entire week since they have a yearly Motorweek there (but the english site seems really poorly updated since its about 2011 and its now 2012).

Mainly big old American cars:



But also some Swedish classics:




For more pictures visit the photo album.

An evening we went out to visit a “Klapper” Stone Field or Shingle Beach but cause of the ice age Scandinavia was pressed down and still today the land slowly rises so these can be found far any from any water.

Had a water break on the way there:

Water break

And we found it:

The gang

Klapper stone field

Bikes next to field

Choose the side road before the E4 when heading back home:

Heading back home

Also found time to go out with the sport bike guys, need more time with to Motard Wheels since it does change the feel of the bike quite a lot.


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