Moto-master Caliper on KTM 990R Adventure

Choose to go for a single caliper since I have the 990R set up for mainly gravel but was not really satisfied with the front brake.

Went for master cylinder from a superenduro that is more suited for the single caliper better but could still improve so had bought a relocation bracket to be able to increase disc size to 320 mm.

Then stumbled on what looked like a killer deal for a Moto-Master setup with a 4 piston caliper and bracket suited for KTM complete with disc so jumped on that and bought it.

It was second hand but never installed or used and I figured out why. It was the wrong disc so after buying the correct disc deal was not that good at all but its only money?

Did some initial tests since from reading about others making it work its hard to get clearance for the caliper with a 21″ front wheel.

Used some pieces of aluminum spacing out the caliper to see how much was required for it to clear the spokes:


Came to the conclusion that spacing out disc and caliper 3 mm would give me clearance so had a few spacers made:


Read that others have gone out 5 mm but that requires more modifications with relocating speedo sensor and grinding away a little on the caliper bracket.

And in the above picture is the incorrect disc, turns out moto-masters “race” discs have a wider surface for the pads to grip on and they are also thicker and feels really sturdy …and cost is also high.

Spacing out the disc makes the bolts hit the speedo sensor:


Tried grinding down some bolts but was not enough left for any tool to grip well enough to tighten it:


Here is the correct race disc on top of the incorrect one:


Ended up buying some Chinese bolts with super low profile heads felt a little wrong buying China stuff for something as important as the brakes but the option would have been a box of 500 for lots of money locally since it was special order and would not be surprised if they are produced in the same factory in China.


Was not possible to go up to the listed 14 Nm of torque cause of the small insex tool suited for these bolts, did some tests when the bolt gave up and they handled 10 Nm well but above that they deformed and bolt head was damaged so choose to just go with the 10 Nm and plenty of loctite and its been holding up well.

This was installed using a narrower 1,6″ wide Excel rim laced to an OEM hub.

Did test the other front wheels I have access to and from my fathers bike with a superenduro rim laced to an adventure hub there is clearance.

OEM front wheel from the 2011 990R spokes hit the caliper.

I do have some extra 3 mm spacers and bolts that worked for me that I might be willing to sell.

Will not be cheap but 100% of any money would go to charity

Interested? Contact me.

5 comments to Moto-master Caliper on KTM 990R Adventure

  • Mikael Engmark Helligsø

    I know its a long shot. But does this setup still work great. Do you still have any spacers left?
    My setup is either 19X2.50 front or 21X1.85 front. Would you be able to confirm that it fits both of them?


    • Johan

      It still works great. Missed the mail about any new comments and haven’t had time lately to keep up with any work on the website.

      Have a few spacers left but running low on the low profile bolts required to keep the speedo sensor in OEM location.

      As for fitment with a 19 inch front I cant see you have any problems but the 21 might not work, did try my dads front wheel that runs a SE front hoop that I think is 1,85 but cant remember if it worked, should have a picture somewhere that I cant find right now.


  • mat rock


    I am planning to convert to radial brake calipers on my 990 Adv R.
    With the stock 300mm disc at the moment. If I do upsize to 320mm discs, I may just get a spacer for the caliper brackets.

    Would I need the 3mm rotor spacers and/or low profile bolts for this set up?

    • Johan

      Sorry for the very late reply (sending you an email also).

      With OEM rim 5mm spacing is most likely needed. Causes some more issues with not being able to keep speedo sensor in original location.


  • mat rock

    Nice. Appreciate the email Johan.

    Will reply via email.

    Thank you so much.

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