Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Have read about this guest book on a Swedish Off-road forum.

It was placed out by an enthusiast that wanted to find the northern most point you can access with motorcycle in Sweden without going through another country.

Would like to start with introducing the group, picture taken before heading for the guest book:

Me, . . . → Read More: Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Heading south to visit a friend Day 1

Since I at some weak moment in the spring promised to work the entire normal Swedish vacation I now have some time off work so going to head south to visit a friend that moved there.

First day I did not need to cover that many kilometers since first night will be spent at the . . . → Read More: Heading south to visit a friend Day 1

Local riding end of July 2012

So have been able to do some riding even if its only been shorter local rides it sure has been plenty fun!

Had some help through Facebook after some pictures from our bomb shelter ride were posted about an old road between Bastuträsk and Norsjö.

Had a request for the more detailed route of the . . . → Read More: Local riding end of July 2012

First week of July 2012

Since riding with some other people and there was few breaks there are not many pictures and the bad mosquito year makes you not want to stop more then needed.

Found this cute statue on one of the rides, says “east of west” on the base:

And here we were able to scare . . . → Read More: First week of July 2012