Checking out old bomb shelter

So a group of 6 brave motorcyclists set out on a quest to check out and old bomb shelter made to accommodate train carts carrying artillery.

Have put together a video from the riding:

First real break was after this wrong turn taking us to a dead end:

BMW in the deep

Not everyone of the group went as far as the 3 bravest went, 2 of the brave getting some water before catching up:


Entire group:

After really bad dead end

Road to the bomb shelter, rails have been removed:

Rails removed to bomb shelter

Quite big:

Bomb shelter

Big door

Sadly the iPhone did not boost good enough flash to get any pictures inside even worth showing but here is the best one:

Inside bomb shelter

Nice rest area at the nearby lake:

Rest area

Nice resting place

Road back home included some trails:

Can you see the trail?

With some muddier patches:

Muddy section

Has plenty of old dirt on it also but since we had a possibility to hose it of with a hot water pressure washer we all went for it:

Before cleaning

Almost shining:

All clean

It was a great evening!

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