Heading south to visit a friend Day 1

Since I at some weak moment in the spring promised to work the entire normal Swedish vacation I now have some time off work so going to head south to visit a friend that moved there.

First day I did not need to cover that many kilometers since first night will be spent at the summer place.

So packed up the bike:

All packed and ready

Went by the scale at the local dump to see what the beast weighs in at, scale landed on 280 kilos but was able to fill close to 20 liters of fuel in it after that so just shy of 300 kg loaded up:

Weight just under 300 kg

Got stuck trying to avoid some mud:

Got stuck trying to avoid mud

Missed a trench in the grass so the bike decided to rest some after the abrupt stop, removed some bags to make her easier to upright:

Missed a trench in the grass

Passed this narrow quite weak feeling bridge, had metal supports, but the wooden deck bulged quite a bit had to move from first spot trying to park since when putting the side stand down the board bulged just to much, was a bit to high to have the bike tip over:


It took me over this stream of water:

Nice stream

A break after the off-road section of todays riding at a shooting range where they practice shoot gun shooting hitting clay pigeons trowing them over a man made damn containing leftovers from the mining industry, no problem with trying to search for missed discs that survived the flight since they are all at the bottom of the lake:

Shooting range

Time for dinner!


Videos will be added later, need time to edit and better internet to upload.

Over and out, have a lot more kilometers to cover tomorrow!

Had video done a while ago but here it is:

The rest of the journey south.

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