Heading south to visit a friend Day 2 and 3

Day 2

Have had some requests for the GPS Track from this and it can be downloaded, called 2012 Skellefteå till Linköping.

Started day day with some slab to cover some distance and when fueling up overfilled the fuel, great start:

Hmm overfilled fuel

Some areas are beautiful:

Short break

Mixed in some unpaved but good roads and ran across this stone sticking up that someone had fun with and painted red with white dots, we have some red mushrooms with white dots here in Sweden (poisonous):

Painted stone like a mushroom

Passed this old dam, had started looking for a place to camp by now:


And found one right next to a road in quite bad condition and it had red crosses marked along it that are symbols for snowmobile trail so its not plowed during the winter:



Biggest downside was that the cellphone coverage was very poor even hard to make calls and uploading pictures took ~1 hour for each picture.

Day 3 started great! Packed up the camping gear and headed out:

Plenty of great gravel roads in the area:

Off we go


Here they had a huge midsummers pole:

Big midsummers pole

Dinner and moving videos over to the external hard drive:


Since I wanted to reach my destination second half of the day was mainly slab but the bike wasn´t cooperating well, missing a bolt to the subframe to start with:

Missing bolt

Tried using a bolt I had in the old holes for the side stand mount to keep dirt out but it was to short, luckily there was a gas station nearby that actually had some bolts, most of them mainly sell candy and have very few supplies for vehicles, got some help from a local biker in Ludvika to lift the subframe some so I could get the bolt in place:

Found bolts at the gas station

But that didn´t get me far, after a tough acceleration up a hill the bike just died was able to roll to a safe location to stop at least, it has had some hickups before but now it just refused to start:

Died on me

Had it down to here before making entirely sure it was the fuel pump, started like a camp with a fuel tank on top and gravity feed to the carbs bypassing the pump but that was not an option so had the pump apart and moved it manually and sprayed some WD-40, a small can of this I always bring along when traveling:

Fuel pump failure

Since all of these delays it was cold and dark during the last 2 hours, the Xenon lights sure are worth every penny!

Videos will be up later!

Finally have some video up:

If you missed Day 1

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