Russia 2013 To Kandalaksha

Only a quick update on our travels in Russia, little time to sit by the computer so a full report will be once we are back home again.

All the bikes packed and we have meet up and ready to leave:


In finland we passed the Artic Circle with a big Santa and Gift store next to it and this fancy sign:


First problem was in Finland valve steam came undone from the inner hose and it was a very scary puncture for Sören, luckily I had a spare hose so we could keep going:


First night was spent in Salla, Finland.

Before heading for the border we went by a small museum in Salla, with some old war stuff, more from inside once we get back home:


Border crossing was just 20 kilometers from Salla so was quick to get there but getting through all the checkpoint took closer to 2 hours. First the Finnish control wanted to see passports, then it was a quick stop before the Russian control and a guy walked out a checked our license plates.

Once the gate opened it was up to the big control, lots of papers and stamps before we could get back out to the bikes that were sniffed by a dog and more questions were asked before we could continue to the next gate but that guy just let up pass, was the entrance to the border control when exiting but had a stop for us entering also.

A short ride on good tarmac to another control that was quick, after showing that we had passports the gate was opened and we could enter.

After this gate the road got a lot worse. Video will come.

Quick stop in Alakurtti that had a market, my dad bought some shoes since he had forgotten them, probably got ripped off and he did not even get to use them since he did not secure them properly so one was lost not long after buying:


Lunch was eaten by a stream and we even tried a little fishing but no luck.


All I have time for now, more will follow once I have time to write more.

Cheers from Russia!

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