Moto-master Caliper on KTM 990R Adventure

Choose to go for a single caliper since I have the 990R set up for mainly gravel but was not really satisfied with the front brake.

Went for master cylinder from a superenduro that is more suited for the single caliper better but could still improve so had bought a relocation bracket to be able . . . → Read More: Moto-master Caliper on KTM 990R Adventure

Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Have read about this guest book on a Swedish Off-road forum.

It was placed out by an enthusiast that wanted to find the northern most point you can access with motorcycle in Sweden without going through another country.

Would like to start with introducing the group, picture taken before heading for the guest book:

Me, . . . → Read More: Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Roadbook education in Boden.


Have been convinced to try riding with a road book as guide rather then a GPS and since my GPS have died on me I thought this would be interesting to try.

So last winter a RNS Tripmaster was . . . → Read More: Roadbook education in Boden.

KTM 990R Adventure Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake

There is no bolt on kit that will fit the bigger adventure bikes but could borrow a master cylinder off a friends smaller 350 EXC and it bolts right up, push rod from brake lever is different:

So a smaller master was purchased with part number 77013060044 along with a rekluse left hand rear . . . → Read More: KTM 990R Adventure Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake

Rear Shock Spring Compressor

Had some help from my dad to make a spring compressor, cause of the hydraulic preload the only way to remove spring is to compress it enough to remove lock ring.

Have some thick plastic around not entirely sure exactly what kind but would guess delrin.

Did 2 squares 100x100mm and hole saw was used . . . → Read More: Rear Shock Spring Compressor

KTM 990R Adventure Air Horn Installation

With the CPR trio there is some space for a compressor under the Snap-out bracket:

And beside the headlight there is room enough for the horn:

Clear hose is the for horns, braided hose seen is for the oil pressure gauge installation:

Some foam and zip ties to fasten the pump:

. . . → Read More: KTM 990R Adventure Air Horn Installation

CPR Trio Installation

HavenĀ“t had the time to keep up with this website as well as I would have liked.

But have started digging into the XR400 engine that had a toasted piston, more on that later.

And started setting up the new 990R Adventure.

One of the items I really wanted to have easier was the air . . . → Read More: CPR Trio Installation