WP fork leg tips and trix

Have done some work on forks previously including a seal change and breaking apart inner leg to access rebound valve.

But this winter we had 3 sets of forks to change oil and look over, and have 3 KTM Adventure in the garage now and a friend also bought one so getting more invested in . . . → Read More: WP fork leg tips and trix

Scotts Steering Damper Oil Change

So bought this a couple of years ago since I was able to get it at a good price complete with an upper triple clamp for the KTM 950 Adventure.

It was time to give it an oil change.

All clean and ready to work on:

Removed cap and indicator, needed a screwdriver to . . . → Read More: Scotts Steering Damper Oil Change

Balancer shaft seal replacement

And still not getting the riding I was hoping to cause of colds and flus seeming to replace each other.

But this winter while looking over the bike and replacing a cylinder base gasket after starting it up it was not running good at all so carbs were next.

Then relocated the crank case ventilation . . . → Read More: Balancer shaft seal replacement

WP Inner fork tube and rebound valve

How to get the inner tube out is covered in the post I did about replacing the fork seals.

Have later found an easier way to get to rebound tap, that wont require breaking inner leg apart

So had just gotten the forks back together but there was some issues with the rebound adjuster so . . . → Read More: WP Inner fork tube and rebound valve

Honda XR400 Winter Preparations

Since there is to much white stuff to do any normal riding I have chosen to do some needed maintenance on the XR and prepare it for doing some winter riding toward the spring and have some friends that keep a small track open nearby so might tag along with them a few times.

Started . . . → Read More: Honda XR400 Winter Preparations

Honda XR400 Handlebar Switch Cluster

Since this machine has be retrofitted with indicators, the switch they added was a separate switch that is kind of hard to use and my dad complained about it since he is the biggest user, especially for street use.

Had been able to source this switch cluster from a german webpage, the old is in . . . → Read More: Honda XR400 Handlebar Switch Cluster

KTM 950 Adventure Cylinder Base Gasket replacement

Cause of the oil leak ended up being a “Pyndon Syndrome” a new base gasket and some extra sealant compound was needed.

Cylinder was already off so cleaned everything one last time, had gotten hold of this sealant compound from a guy who has been wrenching longer then I have been alive so lets see . . . → Read More: KTM 950 Adventure Cylinder Base Gasket replacement

KTM 950 Adventure MOSFET fuel pump

After getting stranded cause of the fuel pump while visiting a friend in southern Sweden.

Something had to be done and found this solution to reduce the arcs that “weld” away the contact points.

Ordered the parts and took out the fuel pump and since it had lasted as long as it did the contact . . . → Read More: KTM 950 Adventure MOSFET fuel pump

Pyndon Syndrome

So continued working on the oil leak.

Had decided to lift the rear cylinder and have a look.

Had to disconnect all the electrical wiring and drained the coolant to be able to tilt the engine forward to have room enough to lift the cylinder:

Several other wires and hoses later it was . . . → Read More: Pyndon Syndrome