Breaking in the 990R

Only had around 80 km on the new bike that was purchased last autumn when heading south on a street oriented trip so took the old 950.

Going to some gravel meeting in Boden, Sweden this weekend so needed to get the 990R ready for a service so did two rides to get some mileage . . . → Read More: Breaking in the 990R

Slow start to the 2013 motorcycle season

So after looking over last summers oil leak and having the entire engine out of the frame for the first time changing the front cylinder base gasket and adding the monster 320mm Pyndon Suspension.

Its getting time to get her out of the garage, also did some other maintenance with oil change and installing a . . . → Read More: Slow start to the 2013 motorcycle season

Local riding end of July 2012

So have been able to do some riding even if its only been shorter local rides it sure has been plenty fun!

Had some help through Facebook after some pictures from our bomb shelter ride were posted about an old road between Bastuträsk and Norsjö.

Had a request for the more detailed route of the . . . → Read More: Local riding end of July 2012

Checking out old bomb shelter

So a group of 6 brave motorcyclists set out on a quest to check out and old bomb shelter made to accommodate train carts carrying artillery.

Have put together a video from the riding:

First real break was after this wrong turn taking us to a dead end:

Not everyone of the group . . . → Read More: Checking out old bomb shelter

First week of July 2012

Since riding with some other people and there was few breaks there are not many pictures and the bad mosquito year makes you not want to stop more then needed.

Found this cute statue on one of the rides, says “east of west” on the base:

And here we were able to scare . . . → Read More: First week of July 2012

Season of 2012 has started

Since it was way to little riding in the end of last season I toasted a Shorai Battery since I had a GPS tracker connected and used the bike to little.

That battery was great but toasting it cause of draining it this time I choose to buy a cheaper one.

Since I wasn´t a . . . → Read More: Season of 2012 has started