Switzerland 2014

Since the plans changed and we had left Germany through Luxemburg and into France next was Switzerland.

A break and a leg stretcher along the channel running on the French / German border:

And there is talk about people overpacking (like we did) and brought everything but the kitchen sink, this guy had the . . . → Read More: Switzerland 2014

Change of plans 2014

The original plan was to leave Sweden make it passed Nurburgring pass the Atomic in Brussels head for Isle of Man between Enland and Ireland and see some of the TT race going on there, the some Scotland before heading home.

But cause of the TT race it seems impossible to get out there cause . . . → Read More: Change of plans 2014

Leaving Sweden 2014

After visiting some friends in the Stockholm region for a few days Lars caught up with me and we headed south, during the first day we drove by Vadstena, an old church region, not that many pictures but had a break near this fortress:

Visited the Moped and Motorcycle Museum in Björkenäs.

Ran . . . → Read More: Leaving Sweden 2014

Spring 2013

As usual I start the spring with some flu or cold, coughing and a sore throat =(

As you know I ended up buying a brand new 2011 KTM 990R Adventure last autumn.

And it sure looked good:

So during the winter it was looked over and lots of parts changed and upgrades I . . . → Read More: Spring 2013

Brand new KTM 990 Adventure R

Cause of some issues with the Pyndon Syndrome and the gearbox starting to act up every now and then I have started the question how much longer the KTM 950 Adventure will survive.

So took the plunge and bought a leftover 2011 KTM 990 Adventure R:

Also have the first video from Russa this . . . → Read More: Brand new KTM 990 Adventure R

Russia 2013 The Full Story

Was hoping to be able to post more while traveling but limited internet and not enough time made it hard.

Did two quick posts earlier but this will be the full story about Russia and getting there and out, we also traveled some in Norway but that will be another post.

First I will introduce . . . → Read More: Russia 2013 The Full Story

Road back home

So after visiting my friend it was time to head back home.

Made it home but brought a cold with me so feel a little under the weather!

First day getting home I spent on smaller tarmac roads still not much interesting happening, passing by this police force going through a stopped car, notice the . . . → Read More: Road back home

Heading south to visit a friend Day 2 and 3

Day 2

Have had some requests for the GPS Track from this and it can be downloaded, called 2012 Skellefteå till Linköping.

Started day day with some slab to cover some distance and when fueling up overfilled the fuel, great start:

Some areas are beautiful:

Mixed in some unpaved but good roads and . . . → Read More: Heading south to visit a friend Day 2 and 3

USA 2011

Going to start this blog with a recap of last years big trip!

In the spring of 2011 me and my dad did a 2 month long trip in the USA.

Had a travel blog on another site that I will link to, had a lot of video footage from a helmet camera I edited . . . → Read More: USA 2011