Swedens Northern most Guestbook

Have read about this guest book on a Swedish Off-road forum.

It was placed out by an enthusiast that wanted to find the northern most point you can access with motorcycle in Sweden without going through another country.

Would like to start with introducing the group, picture taken before heading for the guest book:

Me, Johan, on the left riding a KTM 990R Adventure, Daniel in the middle on a Superenduro, and Oden to the right on a KTM 690 RFR:


And here we have found this rarely visited guest book, Daniel to the left, Oden behind him and me to the right:


Have been wanting to visit this place so when a guy from southern Sweden aimed to ride there and was looking for companions and I was able to get a few days off work.

Bike was packed in a hurry:


Took some smaller roads in the evening up to the summer place in Norsjö that is closer to the meet up point.
Made a mistake with the tires the front was not well suited for the big heavy Adventure but it was what I had laying around:


Made it to Lycksele the following day to meet up with Daniel that had a great route planned to get us up to Jokkmokk that day. There will be video coming later on also:


From previous rides up here Daniel knew of an odd burger meal with burger covered in sauce that was delicious, served by a pizza place in Malå:


Just before reaching Jokkmokk the Arctic Circle is passed:


Once arriving in Jokkmokk with the track we were following we arrived directly in Odens backyard and he had clear directions:


Daniel wanted to change his rear tire in Jokkmokk and to protect him from the bugs (just a few mosquitoes) there are hats with nets on them to cover your face:


Once removed wheel was brought inside and a couple of beers later new tire was in place:


The following day we aimed for the guest book. We had some nice gravel roads and trails for the first part of the ride even if some were a little dusty:



We did have to use some tarmac to make it since we did not know of any side roads in the area, sections of the old road can be seen but its cut off by the new straighter road in many places in a way that it dead ends:


North of Övre Soppero between Vittangi and Karesuando you take a left turn towards Pulsujärvi:


And its within a rocket launch area for space exploration, they have done lots of research about the Northern Lights from here:


Once the road ends you have to continue following some off-road quad trails:


There are fences you have to pass if opened up make sure to close behind you:


And here we are above the tree line, so very few trees around mainly some shrubbery on the sides of the trail:


Across this we choose to walk the bikes over, took a quite deep line but was able to not get any water into the boots this time and the gore-tex held me dry:


Got the honor of walking Daniels superenduro across also since he wanted to keep his feet dry also but had found a shallower line for that so that was easier.

Here we are getting closer:


Searching for the hidden guest book:


And its tucked down so it cant be seen unless you move the moss away from the stone:


Daniel holding it up:


A little hard to read the text on it so the next guy who goes looking for it maybe should bring some copper cleaning supplies =) and maybe some copper wire to hold the pages together since the steel wire is rusting away:



We (read I) had brought along stamping dies for the alphabet and numbers to “write” in this copper guest book:


Me adding the link to the web page into the book:



Once we were happy with our marks in the guest book we followed the trail down to the river that had a nice little area with grass on it perfect to set up camp for the night:


We heated and ate some food:


Had a little to drink:



We did stay up until midnight since this far up north there is midnight sun and we visited during midsummer so it would have been at its peak, sadly we had some clouds blocking the sun some:


Then it was off to bed, we did have a little rain during the night.

The next morning we had a minor problem with a dead battery in the Superenduro, was solved with borrowing the battery from my Adventure for start aid after I had started mine and warmed it up:


Would have been a long walk had he been alone, the nearest cabin that did have a nice car next to it but we did not see any people going in or out was far away and even further to cellphone coverage.

Heading back out I did have a minor tip over with the bike just after the water crossing we had, none of the others saw it and no picture or video was taken so it might not have happened =)

We each had one minor tip over Daniels and Odens are covered by video so that will be shown in the future.

If you do find this and feel like it would be something you would be interested in visiting this there is a thread on the Swedish forum about it were coordinates can be found.

Rough location of the guest book:

2 comments to Swedens Northern most Guestbook

  • Michael Stuchbery

    Nice trip report. Need to discuss exactly what you did with the MotoMaster front caliper/single disc conversion on the 990 as I want to do the same. Currently running the stock caliper on single disc but would like some more power/less weight.

    • Johan

      Thank you!

      Did a quick write up of my installation of the Moto-master caliper sadly I did not document this as well as I would have liked.

      Some times there is not time and energy to take pictures of all the details.


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