Spring 2013

As usual I start the spring with some flu or cold, coughing and a sore throat =(

As you know I ended up buying a brand new 2011 KTM 990R Adventure last autumn.

And it sure looked good:


So during the winter it was looked over and lots of parts changed and upgrades I had from the old 950 was moved over to the new bike.

CPR Trio was installed.

Added an air horn.

Oil pressure gauge was also added.

Did plenty more to it also that I have not covered as well as the above:

  • Wings Exhaust
  • Pyndon 320 suspension
  • Rekluse slipper clutch
  • Swingarm
  • Subframe
  • Wheels, narrower Excel rims
  • High fender
  • Single front caliper
  • Most of the plastic so its now nice and blue and going for a blue and yellow theme (colors of the Swedish flag)


It is up and running but have only 80 km on it:

First ride

Still some snow on the gravel roads:

Still some snow left

First impressions is great, feel wilder then the 950!

The Honda XR400 that broke down last autumn has been rebuilt and is up and running again. Have not had time to ride it myself but my dad says its slipping on the clutch some now and there is some electrical gremlin that needs to be sorted out but engine should be solid now at least after theĀ rebuild.

Dissassembly and Assembly

My dad also invested in a KTM 950 Adventure this spring:

Tight fit

Took the street kitted 950 down to some education in Stockholm:

On the road again

My dad will catch up with me and we will do a few weeks of traveling, maybe try to get out to Isle of Man.

Hope the weather back home will be warmer when we get back home.

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