Pyndon 320mm suspension

So was able to purchase longer legs for my sweetheart this winter.

But it was not without some complications installing them.

Did this video opening the package when it arrived:

Rear shocks 245mm, 230mm and 320mm:

Hmm some extras

Rear end was just bolt on and it fit without any problems at all.

But the front end gave me a little headache.

One fork leg in place:

One leg changed

And first problem, the low stock fender is way to short:

Hmm fender not covering

Had a set they normally use when going high fender that are too short also:

Too small fork protectors

Choose to just go with the stock fender for now and see how that works (worst thing that can happen is that I create a bunch of plastic pieces, since there is no brake line going over it as the stock configuration on the early adventures that could cause the wheel to seize up if brake line was caught by the wheel)

Stands are way to short, center stand dangles in the air when down so some wood was added to keep it standing:


So did some measurements to see how much they will need to be extended, swapped to the motard wheels to see how they would work:

Measurement with motard wheels

Went with a slide out solution to make the side stand possible to adjust length but was some bump inside from manufacturing so that needed to be sanded down:

Smoothing out inside

Center stand was just cut and some extensions added:

Stand extended

Before bolting them back up I had them painted blue and yellow, have plans to go for a blue and yellow theme based on the Swedish Flag in the future:

Stands in place

Copied the routing and mounting of the new extended brake lines from Pyndon just did some small modification.

Brake hose routing

Turned out I had miscalculated the length of the split tube bolted to the lower triple clamp and it was interfering with the plastic, just a few mm so used a variable speed rotary tool to grind away a little of the plastic, might in the future build a slightly shorter split tube:

Needs some grinding

8 comments to Pyndon 320mm suspension

  • Mesjr

    I ran across this searching ktm adv suspension . I can’t seem to find much information , and I can’t find out where you got those legs . Any info would be greatly appreciated

  • Mesjr

    How much is not cheep ? Ball park ?

    • Johan

      More then buying 2 new OEM tanks. And that is still considering the Swedish currency is very strong right now compared to the rest of Europe so might be even more depending on were you are located.

      And the set I have now he had on his own bike but he needed to free up money, Dakar is expensive to participate in.

      And some parts are custom made at least for the rear shock so its not possible to buy the items separately and just assemble.

      So far they have worked great for me, others have had problems with the fork feeling “sticky” during the stroke.

      Powercell over on advrider is working on an Öhlins solution for the suspension, but don’t know how its going, read 277mm suspension length.


  • YETI

    How did you make the split tube and what was the length?

    Cheers, YETI

    • Johan

      Dont remember the split tube length but it was slightly too long =)

      Might still be in the garage so will check.

      It was made out of a narrower pipe welded together with larger pipe bits on the ends that were drilled and threaded and then the guide to not allow any movement was cut out of an even larger pipe so it was kind of a hack job but looked good after powder coat.

      Have since changed back to a dirt bike style brake line when going for a single caliper.


  • ishboo

    after riding how do you find the 320mm suspension? Good bad?

    • Johan

      It has been working great, but sadly the softer springs I bought for it when I purchased it had a material fault and they lost about 30 mm of free length after about 3000km of use. And since it took me a while (years) to install them cause I was lazy I have gotten into a bit of an argument with the seller and the suspension guy that helped him stretch the suspension I even paid to ship them back to be analyzed and it sounded at first like I would be them replaced but now they start questioning the mileage and offer a replacement at a discount but still pisses me off enough to go to a different supplier of springs to sort it out even if it will cost more.


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