Bjorkenas Moped and Motorcycle Museum

As I said in previous post my dad was going to catch up with me.

He did this morning and we headed south from Stockholm, we were trying to make it to Huskvarna in time to visit the factory museum but we saw the time would be tight to make it and have time to visit.

So we choose to go to another museum my dad had previously visited.

Its a private museum called “Björkenäs Moped and Motorcycle Museum” run by Anders Arnesson featuring old motorcycles and mopeds (50cc machines), quite some old bicycles also.

He has an old barn he cleaned out and filled with two wheeled vehicles:


Was a little hard to get good photos with the light coming into the building when using a camera phone but here are a few from inside:





Old Husqvarna motorcycles:


An old Montesa, there is plenty of brands that can be found:


Old REX:


Several old hub engine solutions are featured:


Me and my dad:


Close to the E4 near the city of Gränna along the lake Vättern.

Well worth a visit if you are in the region!

Opening hours during 2014 10.00-17.00 from May 1st until September 30th.

Entrence fee: 50 SEK for adults, free for children under 15.


For more pictures visit my flickr or if you can its well worth a visit.

Told the owner I would write a little about the museum.

Should you find your way to his place through my site let him know you found it through

Safe riding!

2 comments to Bjorkenas Moped and Motorcycle Museum

  • Edvinas

    Hello from Lithuania. Maybe someone coild help me and send me to email an email of this moped museum owner?

    • Johan

      Afraid the owner Anders Arnesson is not that good with technology and have no active email that I know of.

      Phone might be your only option, Anders english might be limited.

      Home phone: 0046 390 33043
      Cell phone: 0046 73 928 75 78

      Hope that helps.

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