LC8 front cylinder base gasket replacement

Time to check the front cylinder base gasket since the rear had developed a leak.

This time I removed the the engine from the frame.

And once up on the bench and all hoses and starter motor removed cleaning begun. Not much dirt but still some in all the “wrinkles”, ear cleaners are helpful, pipe cleaners are also good for cleaning:

Que tip to clean

Once locked at TDC for front cylinder cam bridge and cams were removed along with cam chain tensioner.

After that cam chain sprocket carrier has to come out:

Camchain sprocket

Can be a bit tricky getting the chain around the sprocket.

Undid the cylinder head nuts in steps, almost forgot about the fifth nut on the side:

Small bolt on the side

Lifting the cylinder and a rag down the crank and a toothbrush (also good for cleaning) handle in the clip to reduce risk of it flinging across the shop:

Something to keep clip from flying away

Some wear can be seen and felt on the cases in the same areas as the rear cylinder:

Wear on the case

While the front cylinder was out of the way some silicone was added around the rear base:

Silicone around the rear base

Some extra sealant on the damaged areas:

Some sealant

And back on with the cylinder sliding the piston pin back and use a rag since the clip is really hard to get back in place:

Cylinder going back

After torquing the nuts to spec, excess sealant was wiped off and silicone added:

All done

A piece of wire used to get the cam chain and sprocket back in place:

Cam chain reinstall

Hopefully this will hold up for some more miles!

2 comments to LC8 front cylinder base gasket replacement

  • ishboo

    Hi, i am having same problem. Did this fix the problem? If so how long did it last?

    • Johan

      The patch is holding up but bought a 990 so the poor 950 is down to minimum maintenance and will just go full throttle until it explodes and make a spare parts machine out of it that day.


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