KTM 950 Adventure Oil Leak

So was going to go to the bottom with the oil leak on the KTM, for some time it has been spitting a little oil out.

Im suspecting the cylinder base gasket but hoping its the oil pressure sensor, so stripped the bike to clean it:

Stripped and ready for cleaning

As you can see its quite messy:

Stripped and ready for cleaning

Stripped and ready for cleaning

Was able to borrow an inspection camera (will add picture from that later on):

Inspection camera

Sadly my sisters car had broken down with a busted bearing in power steering pump so had to help out with that so it was quite dark when getting back to the KTM, started it up and on idle no signs of oil could be spotted going to look at it more today.

Busted bearing

Was able to spot this this damaged carb sync hose on the intake at least:

Found a broken hose on the intake

So took the Transalp home and ended up as a witness of a car crash, luckily there were no serious injuries but one girl was given a neck brace and a ride in the ambulance, hope she recovers fully!

Car crash

Here are some picture from the inspection camera:

Rear cylinder clean

Rear cylinder clean

Had a scare when starting the bike up and seemed like oil was seeping out of the crankcase but turned to just be oil or degreaser oozing out when the engine heated up:

Seeping out

Found some old foot fungus powder that I dosed all over the engine:

All powdered up

After just a little riding:

Right side rear cylinder base

Oil sender I was hoping for was all clean:

Oil pressure sensor

Also oil around the left side:

Rear cylinder

Front cylinder base is all clean:

Front cylinder base

And looking from a above there is a dry area between the leaks, must be leaking from two places in the rear cylinder base gasket:

Rear cylinder drawn on

So everything point in the direction of a “Pyndon Syndrome”

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