LC8 Engine removal and engine stand

Since it was time to look over the front cylinder, rear had an oil leak a while back.

Wont cover every step of removing the engine just how I managed the last bit getting it out of the frame:

As when changing the rear cylinder base gasket I used our lift hooked up to the front engine hangers:

Engine on its way out

Tilted it forward so a pin could be placed through the swing arm mount, tilt it down very slowly and check several times that you have not forgotten any cable or hose and that everything clears:

Rear hook up

Now last bolt could be removed and engine was lowered down onto some foam on top of an 80s skateboard:

And an old 80s skateboard to bring it out

Once out hooked it back up to the lift:

And engine out

And one skinny Adventure:

Looks rad

And as an engine stand some construction brackets were shaped and drilled to fit and a 10mm threaded rod, the bracket are simply fastened with wood screws to the table:

Engine stand

Engine stand

Engine stand

Next up front cylinder base gasket replacement.

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