USA 2011

Going to start this blog with a recap of last years big trip!

In the spring of 2011 me and my dad did a 2 month long trip in the USA.

Had a travel blog on another site that I will link to, had a lot of video footage from a helmet camera I edited during the winter.

Its still long but for a 57 day long trip and over 10 000 miles its hard to make it just 5 minutes, so its about 2 hours.

Have not added any music since youtube don’t like it, so if you want music if watching turn down the volume in the video and start something you like in the background.

Here you can find a complete playlist for all the video clips if thats what floats your boat!

Day 1 to 7:

Day 1 and 2, Air travels and bike preparation
Day 3 and 4, More preparations and going to the shooting range
Day 5, Doohickey problem on one of the KLRs
Day 6, First day on the road, Yosemite
Day 7, Big trees in the Sequoia forrest


Day 8 to 10:

Day 08, Death Valley
Day 09, Hoover Damm
Day 10, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Day 11 to 15:

Day 11, Arizona, Heart attack grill FAILURE Were able to do some maintenance on the bikes through a fellow inmate here running a Motorcycle shop in Phoenix: Zenmoto
Day 12, Phoenix, Resting day, Walmart
Day 13, Arizona into New Mexico, Lava
Day 14 and 15, New Mexico into Colorado

Got a bedspring stuck in the front wheel

Day 16 to 19:

Day 16, Independence pass
Day 17 and 18, Meeting relatives and a car meeting.
And being made a fool

Day 20 to 25:

Day 20, Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon
Day 21, Route 66 Museum
Day 22 and 23, Graceland
Day 24, Natchez Trace
Day 25, Nashville


Day 26 to 30:

Eastern Tennessee and the Smokie Mountains

Blue Ridge Parkway

Day 31 to 34:

Two encounters with the law and getting to the east coast.

Police trouble again

Day 35 to 37:

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Day 38 to 42:

Wisconsin meeting relatives
Minnesota and South Dakota

Day 43 to 46:

Badlands and Mount Rushmore
Beartooth highway and Yellowstone

Badlands national park

Mount Rushmore

Beartooth Byway

Beartooth Byway

Day 47 to 57:

Here we for sure had our thoughts riding, climbing Big Southern Butte in Idaho.

Idaho, 4th of July and back to the west coast and then home.

Southern Big Butte


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