Leaving Sweden 2014

After visiting some friends in the Stockholm region for a few days Lars caught up with me and we headed south, during the first day we drove by Vadstena, an old church region, not that many pictures but had a break near this fortress:

Vadstena Fortress

Vadstena Fortress

Visited the Moped and Motorcycle Museum in Björkenäs.

Ran into some rain but made it passed Kaffestugan at Gränna Berget for a Shrimp Sandwich (recommended by my friend in Stockholm that grew up in that region):

Shrimp sandwich

Gränna berget

Wondered why my groin region was so wet when arriving at Jönköping in the rain and found this:

Found reason rain gear was not working

Second day started with pants still being wet.

Was solved the following day with some duct tape for now, rigged up the pants with a coat hanger within them and some steel wire to keep the hair drier running since they were still wet in the morning:

Drying out pants

Headed south along some smaller roads and saw a sign about USA cars for sale near the town of Smålandsstenar so we took a look:



USA cars

Not all were American cars:

Rolls royce

And a nice Coca Cola corner:

Cola corner

Were a few more pictures taken not shown here.

Made it down to Trelleborg, staying at Dannegården.


The plan was to take a ferry to Germany the next day and after a poor meal at the pub next doors it was sleep time:

Time for food

The ferry turned out more expensive then we planned and I have wanted to try the bridge across Öresund so we turned around to Malmö for the bridge, tried running a go pro across but it was foggy so not sure how that turned out.

Few pictures but made it to the German border, no real signs that we entered Germany so took one of the sign seen if passing the other way, border crossing was made at a really small road:

Danish / German border

After some fighting with the GPS the night will be spent in the town of Tarp at the Landgasthof and a great meal:


Might go back for another beer =)

Over and out!

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