Change of plans 2014

The original plan was to leave Sweden make it passed Nurburgring pass the Atomic in Brussels head for Isle of Man between Enland and Ireland and see some of the TT race going on there, the some Scotland before heading home.

But cause of the TT race it seems impossible to get out there cause of the limited ferries, might be possible to fly out there but that is not really an option either being on a motorcycle vacation.

So the new plan is to make it passed “the ring” and after that continue south maybe through France and head for Switzerland.

We did fight the Hamburg traffic to make it to the large Louis store there:


A pair of new rain trousers were bought to replace the duct taped old trousers:


Passed by a friend of my father that lives in a house Lars built back in the 90s:


Burger and Haxe at Grill Fritz in Wolfenbuttel:


The night was spent at a gasthause in Ufingen near Salzgitter, is it a good sign when the house wine is Jägermeister?


Headed southwest toward Nurburg into an area of Germany with more hills:



Had some detour around some loggin roads in the hills, can you spot the KTM 950 Adventure?


Night spent in Schmallenberg at Hotel Störmann might have been a little on the pricey side but room was nice:


They included garage in the price, also had a nice “coat hanger” on the balcony to let the gear get some air:


Tomorrow Nurburgring or Nordschleife as the Germans call it!

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