Honda XR400 Winter Preparations

Since there is to much white stuff to do any normal riding I have chosen to do some needed maintenance on the XR and prepare it for doing some winter riding toward the spring and have some friends that keep a small track open nearby so might tag along with them a few times.

Started with the rear end:

Started on the rear end

Everything should be taken apart at least once a year and lube everything, first time it I had it apart the swing arm bolt needed plenty of hammering to get it out and it can be fused to the point there is no getting it out without starting to cut things to pieces.

This time everything came out quite easy.

Some minor issues like this washer that had cracked:

Broken washer

This time around I sent the shock off to a local suspension guy for an oil change, was very needed:


One bearing in the linkage was very rusty so this one I replaced, several of the other starts to be quite bad also but will last a little longer so added the stickiest grease I could find to keep moisture out even if several of the seals are a bit bad also, had this bike been used more replacement of all of them would have been needed but since its more of an extra bike that mainly my dad uses I just replaced this one and will aim to have an entire kit to replace everything next winter:

Bad bearing

Tried in the bench vise with some sockets to get the bearing out but that wasn’t enough so ended up borrowing a real press (a smaller simpler press is on the wish list but no that high priority since I have the possibility to borrow one when needed):

Trying to get bearing out

Getting bearing out

Rear pads was badly worn disc is also quite bad but will last another season since its limited used, a C-clamp and some sockets to push the brake piston in:

Pressing brake piston in

Replaced the pin holding the pads since that had some grooves that can cause binding of the pads and a dragging brake, lubed the pins allowing the caliper to center itself on the disc also:

Pads in place

Had foolishly put the swing arm in place and it was possible to slide the shock in place:

Rear shock in place

The top shock bolt is a bit tricky, extra tricky on this bike since it has had extra wiring added for indicators and stuff to be street legal in Sweden so that is in the way of the bolt:

Top shock bolt is a little tricky

So had to remove the swing arm to get the linkage in place:

Had to take off swing arm

After that getting the swing arm back in place:

And back with it

Rear end done:

Rear end done

But more problems to come on the front end:

Starting on the front

Found this minor damage to the wiring guide:

Minor damage

But will leave that as is until the tank is off and see if it can be tacked back in place.

Used our lift to hold the handlebars:

Holding handlebars

Undoing nut holding top triple clamp:

Removing top triple

Knew there was some damaged threads on the top triple clamp so had sourced a cheap new set and a set of fork legs to go with that but turned out they have changed some of the mounts for the dashboard so decided to fix the threads in the old, drilled out the old threads:

Drilling out bad threads

Had to thread from the backside since the tool would not fit through the unthreaded section of the clamp and to get a good start we used a drill press but just hand turned it so the start would be perfect:

Drill press to get a good start

So finished the threads:

New threads

Only had short inserts so added two of them:

Insert ready to go in

Second one was sticking out some, so cut the excess off:

Some sticking out

All done

And next was a broken bolt holding the front fender:

And next fender bolt problems

Used a soft piece of aluminum to the the special nut holding the lower triple:

Aluminum to remove lower triple

Removed the seal and top bearing to clean and relube:

Top bearing

After two attempts to weld material to the broken bolt and it just snapped:

Trying to weld broken bolt out

Drilling and re taping new threads was next:

Ended up drilling

And some new threads, not perfect but good enough

Not perfect but good enough.

The bolt and washer seems fused together so will buy new or manufacture some:

Front fender bolt fused with washer

Plenty of fresh lube and lower is ready to go back in place:

Lower triple ready

A bungee cord around it to hold it in place while getting top bearing and nut in place:

Strap to hold it in place

Top ready to go back in:

Plenty of grease top bearing

Seal and nut next:

Seal and nut next

Before torquing the top triple back up the fork legs were temporarily installed to align things, used the spare set that had the springs taken out for shipping:

Placed fork legs before torquing top nut

New pin bolt for the spare fork that had one broken:

New pin bolt

My dad helped out doing some new spacers for the front fender and bolted that in place:

Front fender in place

Also looked over the air filter:

Oiled filter

Had some issues with the front forks but that will be a post of its own later on.

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