KTM 950 Adventure Cylinder Base Gasket replacement

Cause of the oil leak ended up being a “Pyndon Syndrome” a new base gasket and some extra sealant compound was needed.

Cylinder was already off so cleaned everything one last time, had gotten hold of this sealant compound from a guy who has been wrenching longer then I have been alive so lets see how it will work:


New gasket had arrived and it comes with some blue sealant stuff already on it, could see traces on the old but doubt it will be enough since there are wear on the cases:

Old vs new

Just spread extra sealant on the damaged areas, hope that will be enough:


Slid the cylinder complete with piston back down, the lock ring is really hard to get in place, keep a rag down the hole until its in place, had removed it before taking any pictures:

Lock ring in place

After that I did a mistake lifting the engine back up before putting the starter motor in place …BAD MOVE, was not possible to get it back down so had to tilt the engine back down to get it in place:

No go

Next problem, was the cam bridge it was not fully seating, turned out one of the buckets must have slid out a little and let the shim fall out of place, glad I caught it before starting to tighten anything up:

Hmm small gap?

Still run it without the front tanks, feeding it fuel from the rear one to have clear view of the engine and after 200kms there are no signs of any leak:

No leak

No leak

So the plan now is to finish the season like this and stick to the tarmac to not get it dirty and then during the winter do the front and add some extra high temperature silicon around the bases to keep dirt out in the future.

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