Scotts Steering Damper Oil Change

So bought this a couple of years ago since I was able to get it at a good price complete with an upper triple clamp for the KTM 950 Adventure.

It was time to give it an oil change.

All clean and ready to work on:


Removed cap and indicator, needed a screwdriver to pry it up:

Removing cap and arrow

Different size allen wrenches needed, 2.5mm and 3mm if I remember correctly:

2 sizes on bolts

With all bolts removed the lid can be slid to the side, oil looked really good:

Lid slid aside

Lid off and oil drained here is what it looks like:

What the inside looks like

Lifted seal out to to clean it, q-tips are great for this:

Seal out

Just had access to canned air to blow old oil out of the channels:

Air in a can

All cleaned up and ready to go back together with assembly tool in place:

Assembly tool in place

All bolted back up:

Screws in place

Next fill new oil, remove bottom bolts on the bottom, don’t loose the small o-rings, one stayed in place the other came out with the bolt:

Time to fill

Moved arm all the way to one side and held it at a slight angle to allow air to go out the other hole when just pushing the tip of the oil bottle agains the lower hole and squeezed it gently, overfilled some until no more bubbles came out with the oil:

Held at slight angle

Bolted back up and moved arm back and forth and it was movement was smooth all the way:

All done

Was worried it was to full, its recommended to have a tiny amount of air in it to allow oil to expand when hot.

So removed the bottom screws again, tilted it a little until a little oil was up above the threads on the lower hole, added the higher bolt back and tightened and then the lower one.

Worked the arm some more to ensure the movement was still smooth all the way.

Ready to be moved to the new 990R:

All done

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