Honda XR400 Handlebar Switch Cluster

Since this machine has be retrofitted with indicators, the switch they added was a separate switch that is kind of hard to use and my dad complained about it since he is the biggest user, especially for street use.

Had been able to source this switch cluster from a german webpage, the old is in the background and the indicator switch is inside of the mirror mount, the chromed switch:

New cluster next to the old, indicator is the chromed part inside the mirror mount

And since there has been some changes there is a bit of a rats nest behind the headlight:

Quite a mess in there

Took quite some time to figure out exactly what wire going to what and wrote down a list and had to measure on the cluster side also to ensure it would work once back together.

Tried getting hold of a suitable mate to the 9-pin connector that was attached to the new cluster but no luck with that, so the solution was a bunch of narrow spade connectors that fit the connector:

All soldered in place

All connected

Also installed some LED-indicators that forced me to change the relay to a load independent relay:

During installation

A downside to working on the electrical system on a bike that does not feature a battery is that you are forced to run it when testing and measuring wires to find out where the wires are connected.

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