KTM 950 Adventure MOSFET fuel pump

After getting stranded cause of the fuel pump while visiting a friend in southern Sweden.

Something had to be done and found this solution to reduce the arcs that “weld” away the contact points.

Ordered the parts and took out the fuel pump and since it had lasted as long as it did the contact points are well aligned:

Well aligned

Luckily I could find a M3 bolt and a few nuts:


Pretty much just followed the instructions in the link above and it works great so far.

Wonder if its been the fuel pump acting up since its been cutting out for me earlier when doing a wheelie.

Been working on the oil leak from the cylinder base gasket and running the bike without the stock tanks and just feeding it fuel from the rear tank so its a real wheelie machine (not that Im very good) but its never acted up and lost power while the fronts been off the ground.

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