Pyndon Syndrome

So continued working on the oil leak.

Had decided to lift the rear cylinder and have a look.

Had to disconnect all the electrical wiring and drained the coolant to be able to tilt the engine forward to have room enough to lift the cylinder:

Starter relay gone


Several other wires and hoses later it was possible to loosen the front engine mount and using a hoist letting the engine down:

Engine tilted

Cams out and cam chain sprocket out head nuts gone so time to lift:

Time to lift the jug

Piston pin on its way out:

Piston pin starting to show

Half the power plant out:

Jug out

Since it seemed like it was leaking from 2 places and think I have found both, some wear can be seen around the hole that the cam chain runs through:

Rear base surface

And also around the cylinder base:

Rear base surface

Called this post Pyndon Syndrome since a fellow 950 rider had similar problems his case is even more severe but he had more miles on the engine and probably harder miles also.

Want to wish him good luck in his aim to race the Dakar struggling with broken bones.

There is also some minor deposit of liquid gasket on the base gasket, not sure but think there is liquid gasket between the engine cases:

Rear cylinder gasket in place

Some wear can be seen on the gasket:

Gasket wear

And the base of the cylinder shows some wear also:

Gasket removed

Exhaust valves show some deposit build up also:

Exhaust valves

So now the question is how much to do about it? New gasket and add some liquid gasket to help seal and some high temp silicone around the base to prevent any new debris getting in under the gasket? And then just give it plenty of throttle until it gives up and then decide depending on the financial situation if a used replacement engine or a new bike and make spare parts machine out of this one?

So next was a gasket replacement and some sealant to sort out the leak

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