Winter is starting

So since the winter is here any second the motorcycles are parked (might look at spiked tires for the XR400 later on).

But had some fun in the first snow with the Honda 200E 3wheeler:

It is also in need of some service, since I recently rebuilt the engine I do a quite frequent oil changes and look after it a little extra.

Have 26 hours of run time on it:

26 hours of run time

A magnet it great to get the filter screen back up after dropping it in the oil pan:

Magnet to save filter

Wanted to check the oil centrifuge so had to remove the right side engine cover, a piece of cardboard is a great way to keep track of the location of the bolts:

To keep track of bolts

Brake lever needed to be removed and a bunch of pennies works great to relieve the tension of the spring, push down to stretch and push pennies in place to extend it:

Way to stretch a spring

Seems to be a little water in the bottom of the engine, condensation I would guess, getting the engine really hot would probably cook that out:

Some water?

Hardly any dirt in the centrifuge:

Hardly any in the oil centrifuge

Wanted to check since it looked like this the first time I had it apart shortly after purchase, was almost like rubber, one strip on the counter really messy but who know might not have been checked since the 80s:

From first check

Here the gasket shredded so cut out a new one:

New gasket made

Had some minor exhaust leak in the joint so added a little high temp silicone:

Some high temp silicone

Also moved the temperature sensor away from the spark plug up to the bolt holding the compression release lever to make it easier checking the spark plug:

Moved temp sensor

Cut the ring and bent it in:

All done

A little sealant on the threads and bolted back up:

Bolted back up

Also opened the pulse generator cover since the idle is quite bad and have checked the carb so going to look over the ignition to make sure its all lined up should there be this much play here?

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