Charity 2013

As I had written on my webpage I have put aside some money from spare parts I sold off during 2013 and here is the full list of what I sold:

Item                                                 Sell price SEK         Amount to charity SEK

  • VIO POV 1.5                        601                           300
  • Disc brake lock                   300                          150
  • Sale of H4 male                  82                             10
  • Fridge/freezer                    213                            213
  • CO2 bottles                         90                              90
  • Mud guard 950                  250                            250
  • Forks, wheels                     18000                       1800
  • Olja styrdämpare               400                           261

Total to charity 3074 SEK

But since I have been so bad at keeping up with things I choose to add a little extra and round it up to 4000 SEK that I today have sent in to the Swedish Motorcyclist to their foundation helping injured riders.

For 2013 I had set a goal of 5000 SEK that I did not quite reach but 4000 SEK with todays exchange rate translates to about $600 and Im quite happy with that.

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