Season of 2012 has started

Since it was way to little riding in the end of last season I toasted a Shorai Battery since I had a GPS tracker connected and used the bike to little.

That battery was great but toasting it cause of draining it this time I choose to buy a cheaper one.

Since I wasn´t a 100% sure about the location of the + and – I choose to take the battery dry, could be swapped had it been wrong, once checked I filled it:

Filled up

Once installed it fired right up:

Tho it did leak some fuel:

Didn´t bother putting it together was going to bring it to my dad to see if replacing the inlet O-rings would solve the problem:

But once at my dad there was no sign of any leak, so will just keep track of it for now, I did change some cracked fuel line and installed a new fuel filter, an angled one was a lot easier to fit, old one was quite deformed from strain and heat I would guess.

Used really expensive Tygon fuel hose this time:

Once that was done me and my dad went for a short ride, he was out checking up on some constructions he will be working on:

Brought it back home and bolted on the other half of the bike and also tried installing the Motard Wheels, STREET MODE ENGAGED!

Motard mode engaged

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