New air compressor

So have bough a new bigger compressor for the garage, the one I used before was my dads and was acting up and also way to small for any kind of air tools more.

So ended up with a dual piston compressor powered by a 5,5 bhp motor, really wanted a bigger tank for it but the garage is limited in size, might try to get an extra tank for it later on if I feel its needed.

Box ready to be opened:


And what it looks like:


Dug right into it since Im installing an hour meter to keep track of run time on it, yes I know the minus for the meter should not be to ground but cause of an issue with the big connector to the compressor it will be like this for now:


A bracket for the hour meter and bolted it to the hole that had the ring for lifting the motor, was a bit tight but got it in place:

Hour meter in place

All bolted up and functioning:

Hour meter in place

Full flow outlet and 2 regulated outlets:

Connections and regulator in place

And a little video about it:

Timed it and it fills the 100 liter tank up to 10 bars in 2 minutes.

Unit was purchased from a company Drift och Underhållsteknik.

Time will tell if if was a good purchase and it holds up well.

2 comments to New air compressor

  • Joe Doe

    10bar x 100L = 1000L air pumped in 2 min so the compressor did an average of 500L/min. Obviously the rate was faster in the beginning and slower towards the end.

    I would be interesting to follow the pressure meter with a stopwatch and note down the times for 1 bar … 2 bar … 3 bar etc. That way you can easily calculate the compressor capacity at different air pressure.

    • Johan

      Its listed to have a rate of close to 500 L/min at 6 bar pressure.

      So your math might be spot on!

      Had a problem with the pressure switch but they just sent me a new one and it works great again.


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