KTM 950 Adventure Synchronizing Carburetors

When looking over an oil leak I also went ahead and synced the carbs since its easy when everything is exposed.

For syncing the carbs I went penny tech with a wooden board and a hose with some engine oil in it, a more brightly colored oil makes it easier to view the levels but engine oil I had nearby and works just fine.

Sync setup

The hoses connected to the intake are on the bike at all times but plugged (plugs are actually from a book shelf pins that are used to hold the shelfs in place):

Sync tubes

And here is what it looks like:

The adjustment screw is on the left side inside the air box near the rear carb it adjusts the linkage between the two carburetors.

3 comments to KTM 950 Adventure Synchronizing Carburetors

  • dario

    Congratulations: very good and simple idea that will mak the job !
    thanks for sharing

  • Hey Johan, what if the carbs are not synchronized when you start the procedure? aren’t you gonna push the oil in one of the two carbs? MY bike seems fine, but v-twins are known to vibrate a bit so I’m thinking about it. Chris

    • Johan

      The vacuum hose is actually below the carburetor so oil would go straight into the intake. If they are far out of balance be ready to kill engine if it rises to one side to fast.

      My dad bought a 950 that was running a bit rough and not pulling as strong as it should and carbs were way out of sync. Had to kill engine, just adjusted a couple of turns on adjustor, luckily the right way so on next start it was steadier level and could be fine tuned.

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