Rear Shock Spring Compressor

Had some help from my dad to make a spring compressor, cause of the hydraulic preload the only way to remove spring is to compress it enough to remove lock ring.

Have some thick plastic around not entirely sure exactly what kind but would guess delrin.

Did 2 squares 100x100mm and hole saw was used to cut a big hole in the lower part.

A electric wood router was used to cut a recess to help center things and spread load on both the spring support and onto spring itself, a chamfer was also added to reduce how much the spring needed to compress before lock ring can be removed.

The lower plate was drilled in the four corners and thread tap was used to not need nuts underneath to hold it in place, to space the two plates apart M10 threaded rod was used, to pull a M12 threaded rod with a “fork” to hook up to the lower shock mount.

Big washers lubed up and a long nut to compress spring is used.

And now for some pictures:









Hope this can help out if you want to build your own, plats could probably be made out of some good wood material also if you don’t have any thick plastic around or metal.

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