KTM 990R Adventure Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake

There is no bolt on kit that will fit the bigger adventure bikes but could borrow a master cylinder off a friends smaller 350 EXC and it bolts right up, push rod from brake lever is different:


So a smaller master was purchased with part number 77013060044 along with a rekluse left hand rear brake kit RMS-5302

Rubber boot from 990 is moved to smaller master cylinder:


Smaller master in place:


Needed to find a way to route brake hose and this seems to work:


Its a recess in the tank so it won’t be pressing against the frame:


Sure its close to exhaust so hopefully the included heat shield will hold up:


Hard to get a good picture but choose to route it below the throttle cables to allow them to be lifted without having the brake line causing problem:


Was able to bring hose out following clutch hose by steering stem, hook tool helped some but still tight:


Needed to shorten the brake hose a little, tried a dremel tool but that kind of melted its way through and not nice:


Pliers kind of gave a flattened cut:


But this cheap tool gave a super clean cut (dog owners should already have this tool):


End pieces in place:



Since button cluster needed to be moved in pin in it had to be ground down:


Mocked things up, its tight want to keep clutch lever to used until oil heats up:




Did bleed it as instructed in the installation video:

Had pulled hose enough out to not have any high spots and did tap hose and master and moved things around but it still took 3 full syringes and closing up bleed nipple on brake caliper and pumping master a lot more then instruction video before getting all the air out of the system.

Some work with the heat gun to reshape the lip on the hand guard was needed or it would rub on the relocated clutch master.


My homemade protector still fits and should add a little protection to the master cylinder:


This post did just cover the installation, will not be able to evaluate until the spring since Im not tough enough to place spiked tires on the big bike and ride during the winter.

5 comments to KTM 990R Adventure Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake

  • Bruce Hendrickson

    Please let us know how it worked. I am contemplating doing the same thing, I was wondering if the smaller master cylinder would work OK with the dual puck rear brake caliper.

    • Johan

      Have not really stressed the brakes hard yet. But from what I have had time to ride so far it feels good, every now and then there is a faint pulsing that can be felt in the lever but not all the time for some reason so not sure what is up with that.

      If I do press the foot lever the hand lever fells funky. Really like the hand brake but was worried about instinct taking over so wanted to keep the foot pedal for now. During “attack” riding there is no problem using the hands its when riding slowly I tend to go for the foot rather then the hand for some reason.

      Will probably skip the foot pedal next season but will test this setup out this summer.


  • Bruce Hendrickson

    Any chance you have had an opportunity test the setup? I just got my Recluse installed and will be wanting to do this in the next couple of weeks. I could not find the post on the ADV site, if you posted there let me know the link. Thanks!

    • Johan

      Have just written about this on this site.

      Have been using it for a couple of months, not been able to ride as much as I would have liked as usual.

      This rear brake solution has been working great.

      Sadly my season was cut short when I hit a moose 3 weeks ago resulting in a really sore body and a minor fracture on a neck vertebrae.

      Still hoping to be back on 2 wheel before the Swedish winter.


  • Bruce Hendrickson

    Sorry to hear of your accident. I hope you heal quickly and recover fully. I have all the parts including the rear caliper puck upgrade now I just need to find the time. Thanks for the greater article, site and posts on ADVrider.

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