CPR “Snap-Out” Dog House

So for the 990R I choose to go with the CPR Trio.

Did not properly install the Dog House in the previous post but had it in place with the clamps that came with it:

Dog house in place

But once getting the tanks on they are tight against the frame and squeezes the clamps, and that style of clamps are annoying to work with if they need to come on and off, not sure if rear valve check can be done with dog house in place?

The snap out bracket inspired me to try to make a snap out dog house, had some nylon bits laying around so drill and cut some openings that would fit around the frame rails:


After some cutting and trimming it seems to be in place:


Front needed to be trimmed some more and rounded them of a little:

And in place

And it lifts right out, time will tell if this will hold up and if just the seat is enough to hold it in place?

Lifted out

There has been requests for better pictures of the finished dog house so there they come:

CPR Snap out dog house

CPR Snap out dog house

CPR Snap out dog house

CPR Snap out dog house

CPR Snap out dog house

And have to do a disclaimer that its has NOT been field tested in any way so attempt on you own risk, feel free to copy but please give me credit for it =)

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