Checking the oil leak on the KTM 950 Adventure

This season has not contained as much riding as I had hoped and even the hopes and dreams this summer was quite low.

But have had to fill oil every other ride and the engine looks messier and messier even the rear wheel looks filthy part is probably chain lube but its to much to be only that!

So went by my suspension guy that had changed oil and gas in the spare shock:

Picking up spare shock

Made a time lapse showing the progress during the 4 hours of wrenching:

Was hoping the leak would be around the oil pressure sensor but its clear that is not the problem, seems to be around the base of the rear cylinder, really hard getting a good photo but here a little of the dirt has been washed away:

Oil leak

So will keep filling oil and finish the season and yank the engine out during the winter!

And before you start saying that it can be the fuel overflow from the carbs those has been connected together and a hose down to the bash plate and a another Y-connection with a hose going up to ensure the are not plugged if crossing deep water:

Drain hose joined

Recently did a water pump shaft and seal change but already the cap looks like this so cleaned it:

Radiator cap

Checked the spark plugs, both had a bit big gap but looked OK so they will do the rest of the season at least:

Rear plug

Also synched the carbs.

Swapped some plastic and added bags since Im hopefully leaving for a week visiting a friend in the south part of Sweden any day.

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