KTM 950 Adventure Quick Water Pump Change

Bike has a little over 50 000 kms on the odo and have replaced the water pump once before.

But ended up having a flickering oil light, so suspected the water pump, but I did not have really good slurry in the CJ clear clutch cover:

Giving it some revs

But turned back home, tipped it over and pulled the filter:

on its side

How to get filter out

Some waves:


Put it back together without the filter and drove it to my dad where I luckily had parts enough to sort it out, had added water pump seal and shaft last time ordering from CJ

Since it wasn’t really planed to change the water pump I didn’t take the time to take a lot of detailed pictures.

But you can see there is some contamination in the oil:


And there seems to be quite a build up of casting sand, even if I did try to flush everything first time so think I´m just going to add changing the seal and shaft every other oil change from now on:

casting sand

Shaft quite badly worn:


Did a time lapse video of the wrenching:

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