2013 Swedish Motorcycle Expo

So last weekend me and some fellow bikers took a trip south to visit the annual Motorcycle Expo.

Quite a large event:

The hall

Got to see the new KTM 1190 Adventure:

KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure

Not that impressed will hold on the the old LC8 powered ADV for a while longer.

Was all sorts of bike most manufactures were represented, and there was also plenty of old bikes:

Cool old bike

Really like these old military bikes and their ski options:

Military bike with skis for winter

And here is a way to keep the thieves away, paint rust on the bike:

Painted rust

And here are tires for the ice riders:

Spiked tires

Not sure exactly how similar it is to a speed way bike but they race them on ice:

Ice racer

And some really special bikes were around, this one really caught my eye, amazing looking engine:

Amazing engine

And the bike:

Extremely cool build

Not sure if this really was Cyril Despres bike or just a replica? Cool anyhow:

KTM Dakar bike?

Was some discussion about linkage on the Dakar KTMs and this one had a suspension linkage:


An old classic, older then myself:


The new Super Teneree:

Super Teneree

Was a decent size car expo also and since it was joined entrance fee I did a quick loop around it:

Car exhibit

Back to the bikes:

Banana bike

Talked some with a racer and something looked odd about the rear tire and he showed me this super clever quick mount for the rear tire, with a spare rim set up a tire could be switch in just seconds, ME WANT, not sure how well it would hold up on an adventure bike that sees some mud tho:

Quickmount rear tire ME WANT

But after this weekend I came home with cough so bad that I have actually puked a little from coughing NOT fun at all.

Hope I can get rid of it soon and start being productive again!

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