XR400 large fuel tank

My dad mainly uses my Honda XR400 but he complains about the small tank on it.

So he gave me the go ahead on buying a larger one, and went with the Acerbis 5,8 gallon.

Since he paid for it I let him open the box once it arrived and the stupid Swedish taxes ~$100 extra on the price were paid:

Happy to see it

Bad picture but at least he looks happy!

Stock vs Acerbis (this is the transparent one):

Stock vs Large

The instructions are quite good, needed to reuse the bolts and rubber spacers from the old tank:

Reusing bolts

If you do this do yourself a favor and order a set of new rubbers, the metal insert is easy to pry out but old hard rubber parts are a real hassle to work with, some WD-40 help but it was still a struggle and for a few bucks each its worth getting 2 new, partsnumber: 17508-KN5-670

Hard to get out, a little WD-40 helped

One done one more to go …puuuh:

Even harder to get in place

A little tricky mounting the petcocks, and take care since the screws just thread into the plastic, no inserts here:

Petcocks a little tricky to mount

Even with the supplied extra support in place there was a gap so we added some extra foam, cut from a knee pad insert, goes down along the frame a little on the left side to push the tank out a little since this has some extra wiring the gap on the left side was a little to small and the wires rubbed when turing the handlebars:

Extra padding in place

Bit of a gap here, but didn´t need that much force to bolt get it bolted up:

Hmm bit of a gap here

Once in place the indicators wont clear the tank so they need to be relocated:

Indicators are hitting

The speedo cable guide on the right side needed to be bent up to not hit the tank:

Bent guide for speedo cable

The supplied fuel hose felt quite hard and stiff, have been spoiled since I bought some expensive Tygon fuel hose but its so easy to work with, slips right in place.

Didn´t like included hose (purple)

An angled fuel filter also helped getting more room to easier access the choke lever:

Fuel filter

Hose routing

The rubber strap holding the back of the tank was all cracked, so we made a new one out of a strip of inner tube, a new can be bought for $10, partsnr: 17516-MN1-670

Reworking rubber strap with a strip of inner tube

A quick relocation of the indicators, since moved at least one is broken (it was cracked already and have now failed) so need to sort that out in a better way, please no comments about my dads long underwear with skulls on them:

Indicators move

Pushing it to the pump, we had some fuel in the old tank but wanted to see how much it holds:

Dad pushing it to pump

And we could squeeze 20 liters into it (~5,3 gallons) so its coming up half a gallon short of the 5,8 they sell it as but its still a big improvement:

Holds 20 liters

It fired right up and my dad drove off into the sunset:

2 comments to XR400 large fuel tank

  • kevin

    Hey, I’m installing an acerbis tank on my XR400 right now and noticed that the fork clamps hit the tank about 1.5 inches before even reaching the stops. Did you have this problem?

    • Johan

      Had problems with the indicators and guide for the speedometer cable hitting the tank but the fork clamps did not touch the tank even at full steering to either side.

      Dont have access to the bike right now and cant remember if the steering stops are adjustable? Some bike have bolts so steering stops can be adjusted but on some there is just a tab welded on the frame.


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