Midsummers weekend!

So this weekend was Swedish mid summer so friday was a work free day. But did some over time so kind of spoiled the weekend to do any kind of partying.

So went up to the summer place, took the backroad getting there:

Had a beer and a lazy evening, amazing weather:


After that it was mainly trying to get the machines there working again, the tractor have acted up lately with the rear lift arms, corrosion in the electric actuator for it, tried having it apart and clean, it now pulls up but need to use the manual override to get them down so seems like a new $800 part is needed:

Electric actuator

The small excavator refuses to start but after some testing a forced current to the starter motor got it running but the problem is still there, might be a fault ignition lock:

Working on the Yanmar

The big excavator needed a new start button since its annoying having to lift it up and short it every time:


Mainly my dad in all the pictures it seems like, he has trouble with things more technical then a hammer so giving him the camera can be bad!

Delivered a new salt cube to keep the moose happy:

Wasn´t worth going with the machines the last bit just to swampy now since the snowmelt has bogged some areas, have been all the way there with a 3wheeler other years later in the summer:

Not worth driving through

In place:

Salt delivered

Was able to spot this big owl on my way home sitting on a post for wildlife fence along the road (for reference the pole is 2 meters (6ft)):


Taking flight:

Taking flight

And landed once more and gave me a few more shots at it (camera shots, not legal to shoot):

Landed again

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