Nordschleife and Leaving Germany

Since the plans changed but the Nordschleife at Nurburgring was still going to happen we got up and had breakfast and the rain was poring down.

A little less rain going to the garage we had for the night to get the bikes but clouds looked bad all around so rain gear on.

Drove the entire day just a few short breaks in the rain but just as we sat down in Nurburg to get some food the clouds opened up and let the sun shine.

Made it to the track entrance to get a pass:



And yes we did it with luggage cases and all!

Gps logg from the lap:

Skärmavbild 2014-05-23 kl. 21.18.312014-05-23

And elevation logg:

Skärmavbild 2014-05-24 kl. 21.33.382014-05-24

Might have been able to shave some time off had I been alone without my father but first lap around with some wet spots in the shady areas.

But I can see that some people really fall in love with this track it is breathtaking in some areas even if not pushing hard at all.

Will see if any of my sport bikes friends are up for a week there some other year then I might throw the motard wheels on the new 990R change gearing and kick their asses!

Meet a fellow Swede that was badly hooked on “the ring” brought down his Yamaha R1 twice a years for a week on the track if weather was good, he helped out with a picture of us after the lap:


Plenty of really nice other roads in the region that can be explored if weather is to bad for track days:


The evening was spent in Gerolstein and the night was spent at a hostel.

We did buy the expensive stickers and I added it to the 950:


Might be a little crooked but who cares its a “dirt bike”??

Next day was a bit of a transportation day heading through Luxemburg with the aim on Switzerland and ended the day in Strasbourg France.

All easy riding, a little rain in the morning but the clouds opened up, picture from France during a break to stretch the legs and drink some (pee also):


Bikes parked outside the hotel:


Some food:


And another beer before calling it a night …great with a cameraman with really FAT fingers!


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