Rade Under Seat Fuel Tank

Had for several years an aluminum tank I build myself on the 950 and really like the extra range.

Since I prefer the dual muffler sound I choose to go with an under seat tank from Rade Garage for the 990R.

It requires cutting the plastic under the seat so choose to save the 230 Euro painted blue plastic and cut the 40 Euro brand new all molded plastic:


Tank came with protection in place, heat shield I needed to place myself:


Did some test mockups were to place mounts and had seen similar solutions online so drilled 2 holes and added some bolts to mount the mud guard to, did use some foam as a little extra protection:


More foam to seal around tank:


No hose clamp included and was a tight fit so might not have been needed but like the security:


Both the plastic under seat, rear light holder and mud guard needs to be trimmed and easiest I have found is a cutting wheel on a rotary tool, will kind of melt its way and not create that much dust, wear SAFETY GLASSES when the discs break bits fly around, just trim rough areas with sharp knife.


Squeezed some extra foam in around the rear:


Plastic trimmed and ventilation hose in place:


Longer bolt and a bunch of washers to space out pet cock:



Choose to add a quick connect to the fuel line for easy of transferring fuel if needed, have acted tanker several times on previous rides on the 950, will bring an extra male part with a short piece of hose connected to it, had some issues with the home made tank on the 950 the mandatory checkups on vehicles in Sweden you can NOT have anything home made permanently connected to the fuel system but if it can be disconnected during check up its a bit of a grey area but this is so well “hidden” doubt they will even see it =)


Vent hose was brought up near steering stem and might look at connecting it to the OEM ventilation for the righ side tank:


View of the slightly cut mud guard and the reworked bracket holding the upper mount:


Opened up a slot in the inner plastic for front fairing and added a Y to connect ventilation from rear tank to front tank ventilation:


Also found that I had vent hose a little close to the clip for tank, so added an extra zip tie to hold it out of the way and not rubb on the sharp edge of the clip:


Have reworked the Altrider luggage I plan to use to make it super easy to take on and off for easy refueling.


The heat shield have come undone after just a little riding. Had missed the info about GLUEING it in place as the intall information from Rade says:


Have asked him about it and he offered to send a new heat shield but I have already ordered 2 OEM heat shields that normally goes under the box under the seat, they seem to have crazy good adhesive so will try that.

2 comments to Rade Under Seat Fuel Tank

  • DA

    Hi There,

    Nice write-up. Thank you for taking the time to post this up on the web.

    I’m researching increasing fuel capacity options for my 990 right now which is how I cam across your blog post via Google. I’m very curious about a longevity report for this tank? Any issues? ins’t the rear sub frame kinda like a weak link on these bikes?

    I’d also like to know how it compares to the other options available for the 950/990
    Do you use this in conjunction with a Safari Tank?
    Have you had an experience with a Safari Tank setup as well?
    Do you prefer one over the other?

    • Johan

      Have not been able to use it for that many miles, but there are units out there with lots more miles and they seem to hold up well. Have not come across info about any failures.

      Have a minor leak for the lowest ventilation connection, might look at replacing the grommet in that location and see if that sorts it out.

      Dont have the need for Safari tanks most of the riding I can survive on OEM but had an extra tank installed on my 950 that required a 2-1 exhaust but prefer the sound of the 2-2 so choose to go with this solution rather then transfer the old solution. Prefer to have the weight on the rear rather then the front also, its front heavy enough as it is.

      Have gotten used to not have to fuel up all the time and not have the shortest range when traveling with friends.

      The dream is an integrated welded aluminum tank that holds a little more and still leaves a little room for tools under the seat also but that is right now just a dream.

      Overloading the luggage plate on the rear without a luggage rack to support might crack it but its still a beefier design then the subframe on the Superenduro that I know several riders have cracked think you will be just fine on an Adventure.


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